Roca dels Bous


Roca dels Bous is a prehistoric site located on the first foothills of the Catalan Pyrenees, on the last meander of the “Sègre” river, rich in remains of occupancy dating to the middle Palaeolithic. This deposit is part of a research project on “Subsistence organisation during the late Pleistocene and Holocene in the Eastern Pyrenean foothills” aimed at defining the prehistoric human populations of the region.
The deposit constitutes a living project developed by the Centre d’Estudis del Patrimoni Arqueològic de la Prehistòria of the Autonomous University of Barcelona (CEPAP-UAB). The research performed throughout the years aims at enhancing our knowledge of Neanderthal Man who lived here 50,000 years, and sharing this information with society at large.
This is why, in addition to scientific research, Roca dels Bous is also dedicated to popularising archaeology and prehistory (the site is visited each year by 4,000 pupils from Camp d’Aprenentatge de la Noguera) and to training researchers.

Getting there

From La Balaguer, take LV-9047 towards Gerb.

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Roca dels bous
Ctra. C-13 km. 44
25613 Camarasa

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