Origin, from the Latin

Searching for our origins is one of Humanity’s oldest quests.
Discovering where the world we live in and the Universe we’re part of come from and seeking out our own origins respond to Mankind’s fundamental need to understand his surroundings and the need to find meaning in his life
Man has been trying to answer these questions ever since he has had the faculty of thought and imagination.
Even if religions and beliefs provide answers, science has progressively developed its own responses to these questions.
By gradually lifting the veil from the Origins of the Universe, the Earth and Humanity as you progress along the carefully planned circuit, the “Origins Road” let’s you explore some of these answers.
In this website, the partners involved in this European project provide you with additional information in the shape of presentations, videos, conferences, etc...
Of course, this selection is not exhaustive as so many questions await answers.
Let’s not forget, of course, that although science continually makes progress in providing answers, these only tell us how things happened but never why, which is another matter entirely, and one that will doubtlessly remain in the metaphysical, philosophical and religious domains for a long time to come.
In this section, we’ll be taking a look at several domains