Montsec Astronomy Park

Montsec Astronomy Park

The Montsec Astronomy Park (PAM) is an initiative of Generalitat de Catalunya (Catalan government) provides science research, training and popularisation services, specifically in Astronomy.
Several scientific studies have confirmed that the place is highly suitable and concluded that Montsec is a unique locale in Catalonia for a professional astronomy facility and an astronomy teaching and popularisation centre like the Parc Astronòmic Montsec.
Its low rainfall (less than 500 mm/an), moderate humidity and high percentage of still nights make it a particularly ideal spot. Image quality tests have shown that the fact of being located a significant distance away from the Mediterranean coast provides stability.
Lastly, light pollution studies show that the ciel above the Parc Astronòmic Montsec is free of light interference.
The Parc Astronòmic Montsec includes the areas below:

  • An area dedicated to popularisation, the Centre d’observació de l’Univers.
  • An area dedicated to scientific research, the Observatori astronòmic del Montsec.

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Parc Astronòmic Montsec
Camí del Coll d’Ares, s/n
25691 Àger

Tél.: +34 973 455 246 | +34 973 455 096

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