Associació Recerca i Difusió del Patrimoni Històric

Associació Recerca i Difusió del Patrimoni Històric

Recerca i Difusió del Patrimoni Històric is a not-for-profit association operating in the Catalan country of La Noguera in Lleida, in the small village of Sant Llorenç de Montgai. The association is also a research and development centre (R&D). Its main objectives are to promote the territory’s cultural heritage via activities aimed at the public, backing scientific research projects and popularising the results. It was founded by Parc Arqueològic Didàctic in 2004, is based in the village itself and is used mainly by Catalan school children.

Activities (general)

  • Developing educational programmes for school children in collaboration with the Camp d’Aprenentatge de la Noguera (CdA), the educational department of Generalitat de Catalunya: single day workshops, 2 to 5 day working stays focusing on archaeology and nature.
  • “Open days” in archaeological and heritage sites.
  • Promoting heritage popularisation in general: conferences for the general public, exhibitions, administrative protection of archaeological sites and development of museographic devices for general public visits, creation of interpretation centres focussing on heritage, etc.

Activities in connection with the project

Activities in connection with the project take place in the Parc Arqueològic Didàctic (PAD), which will extend is teaching capacity and safety features. This PAD facility in Sant Llorenç de Montgai is a partner to the European network EXARC (European Exchange on Archaeological Research and Communication) of outdoor archaeological museums and other facilities involved in experimental archaeology. The objective is to produce high-quality learning models focusing on scientific research and mediation methodologies. Every year, over 3,500 school-goers discover the Parc Arqueològic Didàctic, the prehistory and heritage of their territory, as well as archaeology and its methods.

Contact details

C/ Major 11
25613 Sant Llorenç de Montgai

Tél.: 606 01 35 41

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