Cité de l’espace

Cité de l’espace

A mere five minutes from downtown Toulouse, the Cité de l’espace Space Park is a gateway to the Universe for children and adults. Nearly 4 million visitors have already embarked on a comprehensive trip through space. With the IMAX® 3D theatre and its giant screen as high as a 6-floor building and the Planetarium and its 360° dome, the public explores and becomes the privileged passenger on a journey to the confines of the cosmos: total immersion guaranteed!
The Gyro-Extreme and AstroJump simulators challenge the physical abilities of visitors to become astronauts by mastering their sense of balance and walk across the surface of the Moon or planet Mars. Life-size spacecraft include the MIR space station, an Ariane 5 rocket, Soyuz space capsule and exhibits feature a genuine Moon stone. Visitors learn about the key principles governing the Universe and the way Man applies his knowledge: exhibitions and interactive events work together to show “how things work”. A whole offering of attractions and exhibits to discover science, have fun and share quality time.
Attractions specially designed for children! The Square des Petits Astronautes, the Stellarium, Children’s Base, up, up and away!
In 2012, an appointment with Mars! The Cité de l’espace will take you on a voyage of discovery to the famous Red Planet, our neighbour, where Man just might set foot in the future.

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Cité de l’espace
Avenue Jean Gonord BP25855
31506 Toulouse Cedex 5
Haute Garonne

Tél.: 0 820 377 223 (0,12 € TTC/min.)

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