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Includes 3 parts


The main building at the Universe Observation Centre hosts a permanent exhibition spanning the main areas of the COU, including astronomy, geology, and the fauna and flora of the Montsec environment playing a crucial role.


The evening show “Starry Night in the Museum”, a look at the impact that astronomy has and had in the art, traditions and, ultimately, in our lives. This show finishes with the discovery of the night sky at the end of the session when the dome is opened up to reveal the actual sky above us so we can identify some of the key elements in the night sky with the help of an expert monitor.


This is the observation facility of the Centre d’ Observació de l’Univers where visitors can learn about the different observation instruments available and, if weather conditions permit, observe some of the key elements in the night sky, which might include the moon, the planets and nebulae, among others.


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