Learning & discovery through contact with nature



Origine Road is an invitation to take an unforgettable journey! Carefully planned routes on both sides of the Pyrenees will lead you on a journey back to the origins: the origins of the Universe, the Earth, Life, the Pyrenees mountains and the people who lived there. This exciting journey really tells our own story, since we all originated from stardust. It's also a reminder of how fragile our planet is, and how vital it is to do all we can to protect it.

Have a good journey!

A Ciel Ouvert
(Fleurance - Gers)

Located in Fleurance, this association offers activities and stays for information and education on the sciences of the Universe for all ages. It operates at the Hameau and la Ferme des Etoiles sites, where excellent observation instruments are available.

La Cité de l'Espace
(Toulouse - Haute Garonne)

Located in Toulouse, the Cité is a science center dedicated to astronomy and Space. Activities, an exhibition on the theme "Origins of Space", shows in the planetarium as well as IMAX screenings are all on offer.

Centre d'Observació de l'Univers (Universe Observation Centre) - Consortium de Monsec
(Ager - La Noguera)

A fun place to discover the Universe through shows at the Planetarium, as well as the Earth through the geology of landscapes.

Muséum d'Histoire Naturelle de Toulouse

With 3.000 m2 of exhibition space, the Museum connects Man, Nature and the Environment. It also offers the possibility to visit a real excavation site at the paleontological site in Montrèal du Gers.

Associació Recerca i Difusió del Patrimoni Històric
(Sant Llorenç de Montgai - La Noguera)

This association ensures the distribution of knowledge on the historical and archaeological heritage of the Noguera sites, and created the Educational archaeological park in Sant LLorenç de Montgai.

Centre d'Estudis del Patrimoni Archeològic de la Prehistòria
(Bellaterra - Barcelone)

A research unit at the Independent University of Barcelona, specialising in the behaviour of prehistoric man. It develops research in the framework of the Roca dels Bous using New Information and Communications Technology (NICT).